Brazil and Argentina

Market overview

Brazil and Argentina are markets with good growth potential. There are 13.7 million people actively considering visiting New Zealand in Brazil and 2.8 million in Argentina. The establishment of a direct route from Buenos Aires to Auckland in late 2015 has resulted in a significant increase in arrivals from Brazil and Argentina.

The Brazil market has experienced strong economic growth in the past decade resulting in a growing middle class wishing to travel overseas for leisure and education.

Research in Brazil and Argentina has shown that preference for New Zealand remains strong with New Zealand emerging as an attractive destination choice.

We opened an office in São Paulo in December 2013 to service the Latin America region. The office has four staff. In 2016 we also welcomed one staff member who is based in Argentina at the Air New Zealand office.

Key insights

  • The Brazilian and Argentinian market are keen to travel to countries where they can visit beaches and urban areas and experience arts, culture, adventure activities and good wine and food.
  • Travellers from Brazil and Argentina tend to stay in the country longer. 
  • The Brazilian and Argentinian market have a preference for dual country visits and are likely to visit Australia and New Zealand at the same time.

Marketing and trade activity

Our trade activity in Brazil and Argentina includes trade training with travel sellers, famils in partnership with Air New Zealand, roadshows in partnership with outbound operators, and trade shows and industry events.

After three years of running Kiwi Link South America, in 2019, Tourism New Zealand will host a roadshow across five cities in Brazil and Argentina. This change in format is driven by in-market needs, where key South America travel sellers want to broaden their offering and connect with new products and regions across New Zealand.

We organise and participate in a number of offshore training and networking events with travel sellers each year which New Zealand regions and operators can take part in. Take a look at our event calendar for more information.

16.5m people across Brazil and Argentina are actively considering a holiday to NZ.

Airline activity

An increase in air connectivity is making New Zealand more accessible from Brazil and Argentina.

LATAM Airlines flies direct between New Zealand and Santiago, offering excellent connectivity from Brazil, and Air New Zealand flies direct between New Zealand and Buenos Aires, offering excellent connectivity from Argentina.

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For more information on the Brazilian economy view the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise’s Brazil market guide.