Market overview

The number of Canadians choosing New Zealand as a holiday destination is increasing. Unlike other long-haul markets, the distance and time it takes to travel to New Zealand is not shown to be a big concern to Canadians.

We use a mix of trade engagement, search engine marketing and public relations to market New Zealand in Canada. 

We organise and participate in a number of offshore training and networking events with travel sellers each year which New Zealand regions and operators can take part in. Take a look at our event calendar for more information.

Key insights

  • Four out of five Canadian visitors include other destinations as part of their itinerary to New Zealand, with Australia being the most popular country en-route. Canadians tend to stay in New Zealand longer than their American neighbours and they generally spend more during their stay.
  • More than half (67.4 per cent) of Canadian visitors to New Zealand travel beyond the main tourist centres to the regions.
  • More than half (53 per cent) of Canadian arrivals are holiday visitors, and over half are aged 45 years of age or older.
  • Two-thirds are first-time visitors to New Zealand. Ontario (Toronto) is Canada's leading source region for visitors to New Zealand, followed by British Columbia (Vancouver).
  • Canadians have a tendency to travel during the Canadian winter and will spend extended time in apartment style accommodation in areas such as the Gold Coast then add on a New Zealand holiday on their way back to Canada.
  • Like the US, cruise travellers are an increasingly large contributor to Canadian arrival numbers. Arrivals currently sit around 10,000 per annum but have grown rapidly. This has helped contribute to the overall aging of the Canadian visitor with youth arrivals largely unchanged in the past five years.

Marketing and trade activity

The aim of our marketing activity in Canada is to show travellers what there is to see and do in the less travelled regions of New Zealand and to promote the benefits of visiting in spring and autumn.

We regularly run trade training webinar series to upskill travel sellers in Canada on what New Zealand has to offer as a holiday destination and we've implemented our 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme in the Canadian market to ensure these travel sellers receive ongoing training.

67.4% of Canadian visitors to NZ travel to the regions.

We also run joint marketing initiatives with Air New Zealand and other key trade partners in Canada to offer special deals for American travellers to get to New Zealand.

Our International Media Programme is another key aspect of our marketing and public relations work in the US. Find out more about the programme here.

Airline activity

Air New Zealand operates a daily Auckland to Vancouver service. Air Canada will launch a seasonal service from Vancouver in 2019. Good connectivity also exists via the USA with American Airlines, Air New Zealand and United Airlines.

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For more information on the Canadian economy visit New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Canada market guide.