Business Events Industry Partnership Initiative Application

Note: activity will not support social or family groups, weddings, student groups, sports groups, leisure tour groups, festivals, or social consumer events.

Contact details

Please note this programme is not designed to support individuals who are looking to enter the business events market.

Event details

Please provide details about the specific business event for which you are requesting support. Note: if your request refers to point (2) above the following two sections are not mandatory.

Please indicate a date range in the dd/mm/yyyy format, e.g. 10/10/2021 to 14/10/2021

Event background for specific national business event activity or delegate acquisition activity

Please provide details about the history of this event in New Zealand (if applicable) as well as the potential economic benefit this event provides for New Zealand. This information will help Tourism New Zealand assess the return on investment in supporting this event.

Request for Business Events Industry Partnership Initiative support

Please provide specific details of activity that you wish to undertake, and why it is so important to ensure results. Activity must be specific, measurable, achievable, and time-bound (it must be delivered within one financial year). This should not be business as usual activity and should provide an opportunity for innovation in partnership with Tourism New Zealand.

Please provide as much detail as possible.
Please provide your preferred dates.
How will you measure success?
How will you report on the success of this activity?

Partner contribution

The Business Events Industry Partnership Initiative requires applicants to provide a matched contribution to the project or activity. This contribution can be via in-kind, in-direct, or a financial contribution (or a combination). Please provide details below of your matched contribution activity.

Please note, this value does not need to be a direct financial contribution.
Please use this section to provide any information you would like to support your application.