Tourism New Zealand's strategy works with New Zealand’s luxury sector to showcase New Zealand’s premium offering.

Premium visitors are those seeking a luxury experience. These visitors have an average daily spend much greater than that of the average visitor's total spend, high net worth individuals have the potential to provide an economic benefit beyond that gained from just tourism. 

Tourism New Zealand is focussed on encouraging high quality visitors. High-quality visitors are defined by more than the money they spend, it’s the way they contribute to our natural environment, culture, society and economy. The high-quality visitor is determined by the type of visitor, their scope of activities, travel across seasons and regions, environmental consciousness and engagement with our local culture and communities.

Premium visitors are a segment of our high-quality visitor strategy outlined in the Statement of Intent (SOI) 2021 – 2025.

Tourism New Zealand continues to work to improve the awareness of New Zealand as a luxury destination amongst high-net-worth individuals and their trusted advisors. 

This means strengthening New Zealand’s luxury destination image and developing and leveraging strong partnerships with in-market luxury travel sellers as they significantly influence high net worth individuals in their destination decision making process. 

High Net Worth Consumer Research

Tourism New Zealand has conducted key research into the premium sector. With a higher value over volume visitor mix, the premium sector is primed to be a viable pillar of New Zealand’s economic recovery. This research will be used by Tourism New Zealand and can be used by the sector when developing their own plans to better understand the true size and value of the opportunity, the best channels in which to reach the consumer, and where to best focus budget and resources.  

This research was conducted across four regions,  

  • Asia: Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong 
  • North America: USA and Canada  
  • Europe: France, Germany and Switzerland 

Key areas of focus include, preferred holiday attributes, accommodation preferences and on-site features, sources of holiday inspiration and information and knowledge and appeal of New Zealand as a destination. This research will be used by Tourism New Zealand in the development of the premium strategy. 

Read the report here 

Premium Partnerships Programme

Tourism New Zealand is committed to working closely with the industry's premium operators to ensure this niche is developed to its full potential.

The Premium Partnerships Programme (PPP) is a sponsorship programme to leverage Tourism New Zealand’s brand equity through NZ luxury partners who maintain critical trade distribution in our key markets. The programme’s main aim is to ensure the NZ brand remains top of mind through partnership leveraging.

To be eligible to apply for the PPP, the following criteria applies:

  • The marketing activity needs to target a premium audience (HNWI USD$5m-$1m / VHNWI USD$30m-$5m / UHNWI USD$30m+)
  • All applicants must have Qualmark accreditation

Your application must include: 

  • Detailed marketing activity including channel, value and audience
  • Clear objectives​
  • Expected ROI​
  • Outline of total costs ​
  • Benefits to Tourism New Zealand​
  • Reporting commitment ​

If you are a New Zealand based Inbound Tour Operator seeking funding to partner with us to improve the awareness of New Zealand’s luxury offering, targeting a premium/luxury audience, please complete the Premium Partnerships Programme application form. 

ITO’s can only apply for a maximum of NZD$20,000 per financial year​. Support is available until 30 June 2022.

PPP funding excludes support for content creation, website development, memberships, event registrations and travel costs. Should you be interested in support regarding offshore events please refer to Tourism New Zealand’s ITO Marketing and Partnership Programme.

Inbound Tour Operator Marketing & Partnership Programme

Tourism New Zealand are pleased to announce an Inbound Tour Operator (ITO) Marketing and Partnership Programme to support ITOs to reconnect with off-shore buyers and accelerate the recovery of the tourism sector.  

Tourism New Zealand has introduced this initiative as part of its wider activity to support the Governments reconnecting plan. The programme is designed to support the recovery of the sector by partnering with ITO's to attend key offshore trade and business event events. This will help boost brand New Zealand’s presence at these events, leverage opportunities to reconnect with our buyers and build new buyer connections. This enables a fast start to converting pent-up demand into sales.   

Partnership opportunities will be based on Tourism New Zealand’s priority market approach and assistance will depend on assessment of each application.  ITO’s will be required to be a current Qualmark member and report on agreed metrics at 30 days, 12 months, and 24 months post-event. The partnership programme will run from February 2022 until June 2023, to support the industry in the tourism recovery phase.  

To apply for the ITO Marketing and Partnership Programme, please complete the ITO Marketing and Partnership Programme application form