Capturing greater value from the Premium sector is part of Tourism New Zealand's strategy to grow the number of high-value visitors to New Zealand.

Supporting the rebuild the visitor economy post COVID-19 is an important focus of Tourism New Zealand. While a large portion of our work is focused on supporting the recovery of domestic tourism and industry, it’s important that we continue to build brand preference and desire for New Zealand in this sector, so that we have an active pool of people who are ready to convert their dream of visiting New Zealand into a holiday when our borders do reopen.

Tourism New Zealand continues to work to improve the awareness of New Zealand as a luxury destination amongst high net-worth individuals and their trusted networks. The Premium team will soon be developing a fresh narrative to deliver to boost our marketing to the high net-worth individual visitors to NZ.

Coming soon

Exciting work is underway by the Premium Team – please check in with us again soon for further updates.

For those needing historical data and other resources please check the following links:

Apply for the Premium Partnerships Programme

Tourism New Zealand is committed to working closely with the industry's premium operators to ensure this niche is developed to its full potential.

The Premium Partnerships Programme (PPP) is a sponsorship programme to leverage Tourism New Zealand’s brand equity through NZ luxury partners who maintain critical trade distribution in our key markets. The programme’s main aim is to ensure the NZ brand remains top of mind through partnership leveraging.

To be eligible to apply for the PPP, the following criteria applies:

  • The marketing activity needs to target a premium audience (HNWI USD$5m-$1m / VHNWI USD$30m-$5m / UHNWI USD$30m+)
  • The marketing activity needs clear measurements, objectives and ROI
  • All applicants must have Qualmark accreditation

If you are a New Zealand based operator seeking funding to partner with us to improve the awareness of New Zealand’s luxury offering, targeting a premium/luxury audience, please complete the Premium Partnerships Programme online application form.