Special Interest

Golf is a popular tourist activity with thousands of visitors travelling to New Zealand each year to play the sport.

New Zealand has around 400 golf courses that are ‘designed by nature', set within natural landscapes that span the diversity of our geography.

In recent years there has been an enormous investment in both existing and new facilities, which means that New Zealand now offers internationally ranked courses that are not crowded and easily accessible from main centres.

There are strong links between golf tourism and other tourism activities, such as food and wine experiences, and Tourism New Zealand has leveraged this in its golf marketing activities and strategy. 

What do we know about this sector of travellers?

  • Most golf visitors are from Australia, followed by China the UK and USA. 
  • Visitors who play golf tend to visit vineyards and wineries 
  • Golfers are most likely to visit Otago, Waikato, Northland, Nelson and Hawkes Bay. 
  • Golf visitor satisfaction of their New Zealand experience is high at 9.3 out of 10. 
  • Find out more about golf visitors in our infographic. 

Golf visitors tend to be high value travelers who are passionate about golf.

Key insight and our points of difference

International golf visitors want courses that have amazing vistas and are clearly different from the courses they play at home. New Zealand's points of difference are:

  • Stunning vistas (our courses are set against a backdrop of stunning New Zealand nature and awe inspiring scenery)
  • Local and diverse (NZ is filled with golf courses offering a diverse range of experience)
  • Post-game indulgence( although courses are immersed in nature, world class food and wine, spa, vineyards and accommodation are never far away)

Key barriers

 The key barrier from consumer perception is:

  • I haven’t actually thought about New Zealand as a golf destination. 
  • Will quality courses be few and far between and too remote from the comforts I like to enjoy while on holiday?