Special Interest

New Zealand has snow experiences to suit every level of skier or snowboarder.

Our activity promotes New Zealand as a 'Naturally diverse winter wonderland' because our ski fields offer everything from uncrowded gentle slopes for beginners to heli-skiing and black runs for the more adventurous, all within easy reach of luxury lodges and a plethora of off-mountain activities.

For visitors from Asia, New Zealand has the benefit of being opposite in season to their own, meaning that these visitors can swap the heat of summer for a winter wonderland.

For trans-Tasman travellers, New Zealand has the benefit of close proximity and easy access to other adventure or social activities.

What do we know about this sector of travellers?

Who are we targeting?

  • Young Adventurers and slightly older independent professionals from Australia, as both groups tend to be 'work hard, study hard, train hard, play hard' types. They typically travel with other people, most likely their partner and/or a group of friends who are travelling specifically to ski or snowboard. Along with skiing, they partake in other activities such as bungy jumping, jet boat rides and mountain biking and after-ski socialising, eating and drinking.

  • Young Adventurers from Japan, Singapore and Korea who share much in common with the Australian target groups, although their after-ski activities tend to centre more around eating and relaxing, such as soaking in hot pools, shopping and enjoying vineyard lunches.

Key insight and our points of difference

These visitors want to pack as much in as possible into their holiday, so a choice in non-ski activities are just as important to them as the skiing itself. New Zealand's points of difference are:

  • Accessibility (to ski fields)

  • Diversity (of winter experiences)

  • Proximity (to other non-ski activities)

Key barriers

The world has many great ski locations and we need to establish New Zealand as an iconic destination by making visitors aware of the variety of the slopes available, from beginner to expert, and the diverse range of after-ski and off-mountain activities in close proximity to our ski fields.

Who are we working with?

Tourism New Zealand has partnered with the Ski Tourism Marketing Network (Ski TMN) and Air New Zealand for the last three years to drive Australian ski holiday visitor arrivals to New Zealand.

See New Zealand's Ski offering on newzealand.com.