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Market overview

Australia is New Zealand’s largest international tourism market accounting for almost half of all international visitors. Fuelled by a strong economy, its proximity and an appetite for international travel, Australia will continue to be essential to New Zealand's tourism industry.

Our activity in Australia has a primary objective of growing value through a focus on high value visitors. The aim is to drive more first time holiday visitors, improve seasonal arrivals and ultimately grow total holiday stay days.

We organise and participate in a number of offshore training and networking events with travel sellers each year which New Zealand regions and operators can take part in. Take a look at our event calendar for more information.

Key insights

  • Our key target segments in Australia are active boomers, who are often repeat visitors, and independent professionals, who are potential first time arrivals and repeat visitors.
  • Summer has the highest peak for Australian holiday visitors, but marketing by us and other industry players has helped make New Zealand a popular year-round destination with sustained growth in the popularity and accessibility of ski tourism for Australian visitors.
  • Travel agents remain the most preferred way to book a holiday in Australia.
  • New Zealand remains the number one outbound destination for Australian travellers.
  • Visitors from Australia return to New Zealand 3-4 times in their lifetime providing a big opportunity to increase regional dispersal and ‘touring’ activity to increase bookings for smaller regions.
  • The high value segments we target in Australia are; Western Australians, premium, cycling, golf and business events.

4 The average number of times Australian visitors return to New Zealand for a holiday.

Marketing and trade activity

The aim of our marketing activity in Australia is to show Australian travellers what there is to see and do in the less travelled regions of New Zealand and to promote the benefits of visiting in spring and autumn.

We run a range of campaign activities in Australia year round, including advertising, online marketing, and public relations.We also work closely with regional tourism organisations (RTO’s), airlines, operators, and travel sellers to promote New Zealand in the Australian market. 

Australians are confident researching and booking New Zealand holidays online and our campaign activity reflects this by making the most of digital media channels.However, because travel agents remain the most preferred way to book a holiday in this market, we also continue to partner with the largest travel retailers, Flight Centre and HelloWorld, with data driven joint venture campaigns and frontline agent training programmes.

In 2017 we also partnered with RTO’s, airlines, and airports to promote short breaks from Australia to Auckland and Wellington.

We operate a regular webinar programme for Australian travel agents that aligns with our campaign schedule. And we encourage travel agents to join our 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist Programme to up-skill their knowledge of New Zealand and sell more New Zealand holidays.

Airline activity

There continues to be a significant increase in air capacity, with 10 airlines now flying from Australia to New Zealand.

More information

Exchange rates: www.xe.com

GDP growth: www.economist.com

For more detailed information on the Australian economy view the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise's Australia market guide.