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Market overview

Germany is New Zealand’s second-largest visitor market in Europe and one that presents significant opportunities. Despite European economic challenges German visitor numbers have remained relatively consistent.

For many Germans, New Zealand is an aspirational destination and our work in this market is focused on converting this dream of a New Zealand holiday into travel bookings.

We organise and participate in a number of offshore training and networking events with travel sellers each year which New Zealand regions and operators can take part in. Take a look at our event calendar for more information.

Key insights

  • Our key market segments in Germany are independent professionals and backpackers.
  • The majority of German travellers spend significant time researching New Zealand before travelling and are keen users of guidebooks.
  • German visitors are likely to make the majority of their travel arrangements as they travel around New Zealand.
  • German visitors are independent travellers and travel to an average of eight regions in New Zealand, making them our most widely travelled market.
  • They appreciate New Zealand's mix of natural wonders and cultural attractions and seek an active encounter with the environment and culture.
  • The length of stay and average spend per night are both high relative to other markets, increasing the value of the German market to New Zealand's tourism industry.
  • While New Zealand is well-known for its landscapes and scenery, there is a need to emphasise to the German market that it is also a place to have fun.

Marketing and trade activity

We run a range of campaign activities in Germany, including advertising, online marketing, and public relations. We also works closely with regional tourism organisations, airlines, operators, and travel sellers to promote New Zealand and develop the market. Germans are confident researching and booking New Zealand holidays online and our campaign activity in this market makes the most of digital media channels.

8 is the average amount of regions German travellers visit while in NZ.

The aim of our marketing activity in Germany is to show German travellers what there is to see and do in the less travelled regions of New Zealand and to promote the benefits of visiting in spring and autumn. We use social influencers to get these messages across to our backpacker audience in particular, and to show them what there is to do in New Zealand on a gap year.

Germany is a nation of travellers and the passion for travel is serviced by a strong network of German travel sellers. We have built strong relationships with travel sellers in Germany and these relationships are managed from our Europe office, based in London.

Airline activity

Direct flights by Emirates and Qatar are making it easier and faster to reach New Zealand, especially from regional cities like Munich or Dusseldorf, reducing the journey time by up to six hours.

More information

Exchange rates: www.xe.com

GDP growth: www.economist.com

For more detailed information on the German economy, view the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise's Germany market guide.