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United Kingdom

Market overview

The United Kingdom is our fourth largest international tourist market. Despite Brexit, there remains a strong demand for travel to New Zealand.

We organise and participate in a number of offshore training and networking events with travel sellers each year which New Zealand regions and operators can take part in. Take a look at our event calendar for more information.

Key insights

  • Our target market segments in the UK are active boomers, independent professionals and backpackers.
  • UK travellers are confident booking New Zealand holidays online.
  • Half of British visitors to New Zealand have already been here at least once before, and around three-quarters (73.2 per cent) of British travellers visit regions beyond the main tourist centres.

Marketing and trade activity

The aim of our marketing activity in the UK is to show British travellers what there is to see and do in the less travelled regions of New Zealand and to promote the benefits of visiting in spring and autumn.

We run a range of campaign activities in the United Kingdom year round, including advertising, online marketing, and public relations. We also work closely with regional tourism organisations, airlines, operators, and travel sellers to promote New Zealand and develop the market. 

Our focus is on converting those potential visitors who are seriously considering New Zealand as a holiday destination, growing the value of these visitors and maintaining their average length of stay which currently sits at around 28 days (holiday). 

Special interest areas such as walking and cycling are also important in the growth of off-peak travel from the UK. A big push is also happening in the premium space, as the UK is strong in this sector. 

28 The average amount of days British visitors spend in NZ on holiday.

Backpacker arrivals from the UK are increasing, however New Zealand lags in market share of all backpackers going ‘down-under’. Tourism New Zealand is using social influencers to make new backpacker audiences aware of what there is to see and do in New Zealand on a gap year.

Airline activity

Reduced airline prices mean travel to New Zealand is cheaper than ever. Direct flights by Emirates and Qatar are bringing New Zealand closer, especially in regional cities like Manchester or Glasgow, reducing journey time by up to six hours.

More information

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For more information on the UK economy view the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise’s UK market guide.