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Figure.NZ Tourism Data Hub

Do you have questions about tourism trends, international visitor activity or the value of tourism for your region? Tourism New Zealand has partnered with innovative data leaders, Figure.NZ to bring New Zealand tourism data together into a single, easy-to-use platform.

The new ​‘Business Figures for Tourism’ section on the Figure.NZ website helps the tourism industry, investors, researchers and everyday New Zealanders to better identify opportunities within tourism, understand change for the sector and make informed business decisions through the use of data.

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Business Figures for Tourism

What is data?

Quality data is key for business decision making, thinking, and presentations. Data is simply numbers that help us understand the world we live in. While data literacy is a skill that can take some time to develop, when it’s made easy to use, data is there for the taking and can provide a real boost to your business skills and insights.

How do I start?

Figure.NZ is a free online resource you can use to get charts and datasets to help you think about your business. All charts come with extra information about the data, links to where it originally came from, and the ability to download the original data so you can have a closer look at it if you want to. Click here for a short guide on using Figure.NZ.

Ways to use data in tourism

Here are three examples of how you could use tourism data to find out more about the sector:

Q1: I’m looking at expanding my tourism business into the Marlborough region – what are some key facts on the tourism industry in Marlborough?

Q2: What is current performance of, and outlook for, the tourism industry in the next few years?

Q3: I am updating my website with language options and want to know if I should include a Spanish version, how many Spanish speaking visitors come to New Zealand each year?