Activity is primarily focused on backpackers in the UK and Europe. This target audience has been selected based on volume of arrivals, growth of arrivals and a specific need to target this type of traveller with tailored content based on their unique travel style.

Transient backpackers in Australia have also been identified as a key opportunity to grow backpacker arrivals. In the year ending December 2014, Australia attracted around 560,000 international backpacker arrivals (not including Kiwis) of which less than ten per cent went on to travel to New Zealand. This tells us that there is a significant group of backpackers that are coming as far as Australia and leaving without visiting New Zealand. 

Key activity: 

  • Drive backpackers from dreaming to booking a New Zealand holiday through the use of a backpacker-specific Facebook marketing campaign – Play More Every Day.
  • Help backpacker travellers plan and book their holiday in New Zealand through specialised content on
  • Work with backpacker-specific travel sellers to convert awareness raising activity into bookings including a global partnership with STA Travel.
  • Work with industry through BYATA (Backpacker, Youth & Adventure Travel Association) to create backpacker-focused material and information for local industry.

Backpacker Campaign

Under the 100% Pure New Zealand brand, Tourism New Zealand targets the backpacker segment via the Play More Every Day campaign.

Play More Every Day depicts New Zealand as a natural playground jam packed with diverse natural wonders, outdoor adventures and cool people through the creative execution of showing the unique experiences that can be had in New Zealand. The latest edition of the campaign features user-generated content, handpicked from videos and images shared by actual international backpackers travelling through New Zealand, to bring to life the Play More Every Day concept. 

Play More Every Day campaign activity is primarily promoted via Facebook advertising and joint venture campaigns with backpacker-focused travel sellers.


The Backpacker, Youth and Adventure Travel Association (BYATA) is Tourism New Zealand's key New Zealand-based partner and communications channel for the sector.

BYATA has approximately 60 member organisations of which Tourism New Zealand is a co-opted member and holds a seat on the board. BYATA's key role is one of advocacy for the benefit of its members, and it has core activities focused around communication of opportunities from and to members.

Tourism New Zealand’s Marketing Manager - Youth developed the backpacker strategy in conjunction with BYATA, and they meet regularly to sense check and refine the overall approach. This has proved extremely valuable in identifying the issues and opportunities related to the sector, and there is a very strong and trusted two-way dialogue between both organisations.

To find out more about BYATA and to enquire about becoming a member, check out