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Tourism contributes $36 billion to New Zealanders, every year.

International visitors add around NZ$14.5 billion to the nation’s economy each year but the even bigger figure come from New Zealanders - whenever those of us who call New Zealand home travel around the country for holidays, business or just to visit our family and friends. Domestic tourism is a $21.4 billion dollar industry. 

The ‘visitor effect’ is felt right across the country, at a national, regional and community level.  Tourism is a major source of employment providing about one in every eight jobs either directly or indirectly. When more visitors come into your community, they support the growth of local businesses like cafes and restaurants, retail outlets and activities.

Over the past 10 years, international visitor arrivals have grown from 2.5 million to 3.7 million (year ending November 2017). That’s still a tiny number compared to global volumes – in fact New Zealand receives only 0.3% of all international travellers.

While the rapid growth in the industry is creating some new challenges across the country, more than 90 per cent of New Zealanders say that tourism is good for us.

Find out more about the benefits being seen across New Zealand, how Government and industry are responding to the challenges arising from tourism growth.

  1. It’s not just about the dollars and cents although they are significant – some $34.7 billion spent by international and Kiwi tourists. It’s also about how visitors can make a difference in your community.

  2. Research has shown that New Zealanders overwhelmingly support international tourism although more are feeling the pressure. The Government, Tourism New Zealand and industry are working together to address the challenges seen in local communities, through a range of different activities.

  3. The welcome we offer our visitors is what sets New Zealand apart as a visitor destination. Our special type of hosting, our manaakitanga, sees our visitors arrive as strangers but leave as whānau.

  4. Research has shown almost all New Zealanders agree that international tourism is good for the country.