100% Pure i-SITEs

International visitors arriving into Auckland and Christchurch airports are being greeted by familiar imagery thanks to a partnership between i-SITE New Zealand and Tourism New Zealand.

Tourism New Zealand’s unique campaign images, carrying both the 100% Pure New Zealand and i-SITE logos are currently on display in both airports.

It is the first time this imagery has been used in New Zealand after i-SITE New Zealand sought to align its advertising more closely to the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign at the start of this year.

Tourism New Zealand is a key funder for the Visitor Information Network Inc, which trades as i-SITE New Zealand.

i-SITE New Zealand Executive Manager Paul Yeo says, “The 100% Pure New Zealand campaign is well known overseas. Incorporating it into our advertisements means international visitors will identify the i-SITE Network as part of the Tourism New Zealand family and therefore, a valuable source of information.

“Our data shows that more than 40 per cent of international visitors to New Zealand use an i-SITE. Two thirds of these visitors say i-SITEs influenced their decisions on what activities, transport or accommodation to book. And almost half of these visitors actually made a booking through an i-SITE.”

The relationship gives i-SITE New Zealand access to Tourism New Zealand’s assets for use in its marketing.

It has also created an alternative version of Tourism New Zealand’s consumer map of the country, previously only distributed overseas.

The new version includes details of all 95 i-SITE and Department of Conservation (DOC) Visitor Centres across the country.

It also provides information on driver safety and responsible camping as well as showing the New Zealand Cycle Trails and key touring routes, all aimed at enhancing the visitor experience.

“The i-SITE Network is an excellent platform for local tourism operators and service providers to promote and sell their businesses, for communities and regions to promote local events, and to provide information on public amenities.

“We want to leverage this partnership to encourage even more international visitors to use this great service during their time in New Zealand,” says Paul.

The i-SITE Network was established in 1990 by the then, New Zealand Tourist & Publicity Department. The Network now employs around 500 staff at its 82 i-SITE Visitor Centres around New Zealand.

Each year, these centres welcome more than one million international visitors and collectively assist with 8 million visitor enquiries.