100% Pure launches across the globe

Tourism New Zealand's 100% Pure campaign is in full swing across the globe as it launches activities across key offshore markets to help drive bookings to New Zealand during each market's key holiday periods.

Kicking off one of the busiest campaign launch times of the year, these tailored activities target market specific Active Considerer groups, aiming to build interest in New Zealand as an ideal holiday destination.

North America

From September to November a mix of online and print activity will direct traffic to theUSA and Canada pages on newzealand.com to choose from "movie-like landscapes that aren't just a fantasy, but a country waiting to be explored by you".


The "New Zealand ready go!" campaign runs from September - December, encouraging quality group and FIT travellers to visit New Zealand via interactive media that provides them with information including itineraries, activities and products.


Running across print and online channels from mid-September to late November, thiscampaign is only the second 100% Pure campaign to be run in this market in recent years and will promote three special interest activities (luxury, golf and film tourism) using the latest creative from the 100% Middle-earth, 100% Pure New Zealand campaign.


The "Young Adventurers" campaign, running from September to December, will target young Japanese travellers by promoting adventure and refreshment activities and experiences. 

Hong Kong and India

Set to launch in market in early October the activity in these markets will be rolled out across online channels, running until December, and will utilise TNZ's new 100% Middle-earth, 100% Pure New Zealand creative to direct traffic to newzealand.com.

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