50 unforgettable New Zealand adventures

UK Youth and German visitors are about to get a whole lot more out of their trip to New Zealand.

"New Zealand has always been a dream Gap Year experience for youth travellers, boasting some of the coolest festivals and most adrenalin filled experiences as well as stunning natural beauty and wildlife," says Danielle Genty-Nott, Regional Manager UK and Europe.

"However, our most recent German Active Considerer research told us that there is a growing perception that it is expensive to take part in these activities.

"Given the current economic environment in the UK and Europe, it made us think that while there will always be activities that will be paid for there is also a wealth of experiences that can be enjoyed for free that can really add to the holiday experience."

With the help of New Zealand Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs), Tourism New Zealand worked to make the most of the opportunity developing a list of 50 free activities to increase awareness of what you can enjoy for free - while still having money to pay for the big ticket items as well.

Split by the North and South Islands, the list includes a variety of activities from visiting an historic Maori Pa, enjoying a jazz festival in Queenstown, climbing a volcano, digging your own hot water spa pool or seeing the astounding Putangirua Pinnacles in Palliser Bay.

"As we developed the list we realised we could both address the 'value' perception of German travellers while also providing a great resource for youth travellers in their Gap Year."

Dedicated pages have been developed on the UK and German regions on newzealand.com, with map locations and links to articles for each activity.

Check out the list on newzealand.com.