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    29 Jun 2011

    Inspiring online

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    1 Apr 2011

    Being prepared

    The February earthquake in Christchurch and then the March earthquake and tsunami in Japan have brought home to many of us in the tourism industry in New Zealand the need to have our businesses prepared for radical unexpected external change.

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    23 Dec 2010

    Customer Revolution

  4. Insights

    A lot has been said about the importance of Asia to tourism in New Zealand today and into the next decade. I've noticed, as a sector, we're good at talking about it, but, how much is being done to ensure we get a share of this growing market?

  5. Marketing Activity

    Filming of The Hobbit will go ahead in New Zealand after high-profile negotiations between Prime Minister and Tourism Minister John Key and executives from US studio Warner Bros.

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    Okay, so you have worked really hard to get more visitors to your website and more enquires/bookings or sales.

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    The other week I was lucky enough to be in Sydney on a glorious balmy winter's day and happened across the colourful FIFA Fan Fest site at Darling Harbour.

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    Sitting in the lounge at Auckland Airport, as I wait for my Qantas flight back to Canada, I have some time to reflect on the past few days at TRENZ.

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    In a few weeks (27 April) we pass a significant milestone - there will be just 500 days to go before the whistle is blown to mark the start of the biggest sporting event of 2011: the seventh Rugby World Cup.

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    Fifteen years ago when I told people I worked for Tourism Wellington they would look shocked and ask: "Is there tourism in Wellington?"

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