Advisory service to support New Zealand businesses

As part of today’s budget announcements a business advisory service has been established that will play an important role in the restart of the economy.

“We are excited to support New Zealand business through these tough times and provide a range of advice as communities get back up and running,” says Stephen England- Hall.

The service will provide information like how to transition your business for the domestic market, preparing for trans-Tasman tourism, and moving in and out of hibernation. 

Tourism New Zealand’s funding remained stable at just under $112 million.

“Tourism New Zealand has an important role to play to support New Zealand’s economic recovery by taking action to support the restart of the tourism sector and today’s budget announcement reflects that.”

Over the next year Tourism New Zealand will use the funding to stimulate domestic tourism across the country, provide new tools, data and insights for the sector and business support services.

Tourism New Zealand will also work to keep the New Zealand brand alive internationally and prepare international market response plans in advance of our borders reopening.

Today government also announced a $400 million package for the tourism sector.

Tourism New Zealand welcomed the package and the establishment of the New Zealand Future Tourism Taskforce and will provide its conclusions from this first stage of its reimagining work as an input to the Taskforce.

“Our work showed broad agreement across the sector on both the benefits and challenges that existed in the tourism system before Covid-19, the opportunity for change post Covid-19, and the need for urgent action and collaboration across the sector to achieve this,” says England Hall.

“The process also made clear the importance of ensuring there is a tourism sector to reimagine – and this formed a key part of TNZ’s advice to the Government in the lead up to the Budget.”

“We thank all the businesses who filled out our survey and the industry associations who shared data with us to reach this stage and we look forward to participating in the next phase of this work.”


Notes to reporters.

The business advisory service will be able to be accessed via

Tourism New Zealand will work with MBIE to operate the service.

Now budget has been confirmed, Tourism New Zealand will now refine and finalise its FY21 strategy which will be released in coming weeks.