Agents embrace bite-sized training videos

Tourism New Zealand has launched a new approach to educate travel agents on New Zealand and it is proving to be a runaway success.

Tourism New Zealand has developed a series of short videos designed to help agents sell New Zealand to their clients. As a joint initiative across UK, Germany and the USA markets, the videos were designed to answer agents’ key questions about New Zealand. 

A screenshot from one of the videos highlighting New Zealand's diverse offerings

“There are tens of thousands of travel agents operating in these markets, and just a few Tourism New Zealand Trade executives on the ground.  We needed to find a more efficient method of reaching travel agents at scale so we decided to create training content in a series of short videos and post them online. This enables travel agents to learn about New Zealand at their leisure, in bite-sized, easily digestible and visual formats,” says Michelle Rosenberg, Tourism New Zealand’s Senior Trade Manager of America.

So far the initiative has launched with two videos, both 3-4 minutes long: 1) How to overcome selling barriers, and 2) How to sell New Zealand's landscapes and wildlife. Four more videos will be added to the collection over the coming month covering self-driving in New Zealand, Maori culture, seasons in New Zealand, and the ease of domestic travel within New Zealand.

“In the UK we have started distributing the videos using paid social media, as travel agent audiences can be targeted on social platforms. We embedded the videos in LinkedIN advertisements that ran from 24 April to 6 June 2018. Over the campaign period the videos were viewed in their entirety by 8,800 agents. The view rate was 40% – among the highest recorded by a Tourism New Zealand campaign in the UK. This shows that our media targeting of travel agents is working,” says Pip Casey, Regional Manager for Tourism New Zealand in UK & Europe.

“We are very pleased with the results and it shows the potential of digital channels for training purposes.  We’re now refining the media approach and assessing other digital channels so that we can make an even bigger impact. From September we will launch the four new videos in a range of display and social media in the UK and will extend the campaign to Germany as well”, says Ms Casey.

View the videos 

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