ATEED leads the way with destination management plan

Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development (ATEED) has launched an innovative destination management plan. Destination AKL 2025 is the culmination of nine months of research and collaboration involving over 1000+ people.  

“The plan exemplifies a unified approach to destination management that seeks to ensure Auckland is ‘destination ready’ for expected tourism growth,” says Stephen England-Hall, Chief Executive Tourism New Zealand.

Like the rest of New Zealand, Auckland is projecting a boom in international visitor numbers over the coming years and will also be hosting some major events including the America’s Cup and APEC.

“ATEED has proactively taken action to prepare for and gain from the many benefits increased visitors will deliver. Working together with the city council, industry partners (including Accor Hotels, Sky City, and Auckland Transport), and central government, the organisation has created a collaborative, unified plan to promote the Auckland visitor economy and proactively resolve potential problems.”

The Destination AKL 2025 Plan aligns with the Auckland City Council’s plans and acknowledges a shared responsibility between residents and visitors for addressing the challenges of a region. Minister of Tourism Kelvin Davis applauded the collaborative approach at the plan’s launch.

“It’s encouraging to see government, both local and central, and the tourism sector working together in a common goal. Tourism doesn’t just benefit business owners, but the lives of everyday New Zealanders. ATEED as a guardian is an innovative part of this leadership and I am excited to see how what [it has] learned can help other parts of New Zealand reach their own goals. We know there is real potential for tourism to help uplift our regions and benefit our smaller communities.”

These sentiments were reiterated by Tourism New Zealand’s Chief Executive Stephen England-Hall who was an integral member of the industry leaders’ group involved the plan’s development.

“This is a perfect example of what we should be doing across the eco-system of the visitor economy, bringing together all parts of the system so they function together in unison and overcome challenges, but more importantly, enable everyone to benefit much more effectively from the growth that tourism can deliver – whether that’s economically, socially or environmentally. It’s something we are keen to assist other regions create for themselves.”

Last week Tourism New Zealand announced plans to assist New Zealand become destination ready by providing international visitor insights to industry and government to inform smart infrastructure and product development decisions. 

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