Australia campaigns build on 100% Middle-earth theme

Last week saw us launch our latest activity to target the influential Australian market - with the North Island 'Self Discovery' campaign profiled at the Destination Northland conference in Katiaia.

Developed to promote some of the North Island's best 'hidden-gems', the activity is being undertaken as a joint venture with the Central and Upper North Island Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs) and key travel partners.

The campaign has been built on the back of the success of 2011's South Island Road Trip campaign, and uses the 100% Middle-earth narration to tell the story of the unique experiences awaiting visitors in the upper and middle North Island.

For the next four weeks, all commuters passing through Sydney's Town Hall train station will be unable to miss a huge range of unique North Island experiences displayed in all visible walkways including escalators, platforms and main entrances and exits.

With activity directing viewers to, themed in keeping with the campaign, it is sure to get some attention and help to convert interest in a New Zealand holiday into bookings as we head into the summer high season.

This activity builds on our recent launch of the 100% Middle-earth, 100% Pure New Zealand advertisement to the Australian market.

A comprehensive campaign is in the process of being rolled-out to drive the message that the cinematic fantasy world of Middle-earth, as revealed in the upcoming fantasy adventure motion picture The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, is in fact the reality of New Zealand, and inspire Australians to visit. I will be talking more about this in my webinar next week.

We are now putting the finishing touches on our next activity, which will drive awareness of the central North Island and upper South Island wine and food culture. Set to launch in late October, this will build on trade and PR activity to encourage Australians to experience some of New Zealand's best food and wine in the region they originate from. We'll keep you posted as this begins to roll-out.

As an aside, we had a hugely successful week at the inaugural Luxperience trade event held in Sydney last week. As quoted by Kevin Bowler, we consider luxury travel a sector with significant growth opportunities, and the event confirmed the high demand for luxury travel to New Zealand. The team is in the process of preparing the wrap up which will be online later next week.

Tim Burgess

GM Australia and Indonesia