Back in business

While there have been many challenges for Christchurch over the past year, manufacturing and exports from the region, which is home to some of New Zealand's leading businesses, remain strong.

Exports of goods from Christchurch via the port and airport have risen since the quakes, with year-on-year figures from August showing a 19.17% increase of cargo through the port and a 10.10% increase through the airport.

There is a real opportunity to showcase New Zealand innovation and technology in the city's rebuild. Plans have just been announced for NZ's largest subdivision utilising solar energy - and local exporter Enatel will supply the inverters for the solar panels to be installed as standard on all homes.

Enatel was a finalist in the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Best Business $10-50M award in 2009.

The company specialises in the design and manufacture of standby power solutions used in telecommunications, networking, wireless and industrial industries globally, as well as an Enasolar range of solar inverters for the renewable energy sector.

Enatel lost their premises in the city as a result of the February quake, but have relocated and are growing rapidly - they are involved in a number of solar projects in the UK and other markets.

Each solar installation in the new subdivision will provide around a quarter of a typical home's energy needs.

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