‘Best of NZ’ goes on a US road-trip

From mid-July TNZ will be taking the best of New Zealand on an epic road-trip through the US.

The Roadshow series will see TNZ and 38 New Zealand operators visit 15 cities between July and November.

“Last year we took New Zealand to Texas, the ‘Lone Star State’, undertaking the biggest sales mission to the US in over a decade in support of Air New Zealand’s new Houston route,” says Bjoern Spreitzer, General Manager Americas and Europe.

“This year we are once again supporting new air-routes, with the launch of the American Airlines and United Airlines connections. Alongside Air New Zealand’s existing services, the additional capacity and extensive cross-America networks the airlines offer are critical to unlocking the potential we see to grow this important visitor market.”

The new routes will further open up the US for potential American holiday makers wanting to visit New Zealand, with links into the mid-west and east coast of the US. TNZ’s new and improved roadshow has been developed with this in mind.

“Many of the regions we are visiting will see New Zealand profiled as a holiday destination for the first time to travel agents looking to present new and exciting travel opportunities to their clients.

“As a result the roadshow will offer smaller more targeted engagement with a variety of events giving us more time to inform and train key trade partners and agents,” says Bjoern.

This will see a series of breakfast, lunch and evening trade and consumer events to work around agent’s availability and maximise attendance and engagement with them. TNZ’s work with Air New Zealand will also feature heavily, especially alongside Star Alliance partner United Airlines who they have a revenue sharing agreement with.  

The 15 cities have been carefully selected by TNZ, with them all providing key connection routes for United Airlines, Air New Zealand and American Airlines into their main hubs of San Francisco and LA respectively.

“Working alongside the airlines to host the events provides us the opportunity to leverage their presence with their partners and agents – a critical aspect as we start to build strong relationships with new contacts in these new locations,” concludes Bjoern.

The series runs across the following dates:

  • Series 1 from 18 July: Philadelphia, New York, Chicago and Phoenix;
  • Series 2 from 12 September: Boston, Minneapolis, Atlanta and Denver;
  • Series 3 from 3 October: Toronto, Washington, Charlotte and Houston;
  • Series 4 from 14 November: New York, Miami, Austin and Dallas.