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Campaign drives holidaymakers to industry sites

Industry listings and offers on newzealand.com are proving attractive to people around the world considering a holiday in New Zealand.

Tourism New Zealand’s FY18 campaign, launched earlier this year has encouraged millions of people to newzealand.com with a huge number clicking through to industry websites and offers.

“Since we launched the campaign there has been an impressive 73% increase in visitors to the site over the last few months* who are clicking through to industry websites,” says Andrew Fraser Director of Marketing.

“The importance of an attractive and informative industry offering on the site can’t be underestimated and it’s great to see that the campaign is delivering some really positive early results.”

Tourism New Zealand has recently launched a new guide to support industry create great listing pages. See the guide here.

newzealand.com offers interactive planning tools, special travel deals, operator listings and information about New Zealand. Around 42 million people visit the site each year. There are now over 20 market versions of the site, with nine of the editions either partly or fully translated. All Tourism New Zealand’s campaign activity drives visitors to newzealand.com.

*July to September 2017 vs 2016.