Campaign encourages responsible camping this summer

For the first time Tourism New Zealand is running a domestic campaign that encourages responsible camping.

“If managed well tourism has the ability to enrich New Zealand and the lives of New Zealanders. This campaign complements the significant amount of work being done across the sector to ensure this is achieved,” says Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive Stephen England-Hall.

“The campaign encourages people to plan their journeys, use facilities and leave no trace. It uses a range of tactics including free Wi-Fi to reinforce what we expect of campers and we are excited to see how it performs.”

“A ‘how to camp responsibly’ poster and video has also been provided to industry, regional tourism offices and councils to utilise.” Download them here. 

The campaign reflects the principles of the recently launched Tiaki - Care for New Zealand initiative.

Tiaki - Care for New Zealand explains to Kiwis and international visitors why caring for our people and place is important. The camping campaign builds on this by informing how to act in a way that respects these principles while camping.”

The campaign is the result of a partnership with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Tourism Industry Aotearoa, the i-SITE network, and rental vehicle partners and is part of the Government's $8.5million investment to improve the camping system.

The campaign will work alongside this summer’s government funded council initiatives being undertaken across the country like additional toilets, signage and monitoring.

Tourism New Zealand is also running a visiting driver safety campaign this summer to encourage responsible and safe travel on our roads.

Campaign components:

  • Campers will be reached with targeted digital messaging and video via social media and advertising on TradeMe for those buying vehicles to travel around the country.
  • Campers will also be enticed into key i-SITE visitor centres along the main camping route with the promise of free Wi-Fi – only accessible after they watch a video about responsible camping.
  • Recyclable ‘ketes of camping knowledge’ that are printed with responsible camping messages will also be given out by all 80 i-SITEs across the country and by participating rental vehicle companies.
  • Key tags printed with responsible camping messages will also be used by rental vehicle companies.