China ranks New Zealand as top destination

The China Tourism Academy’s (CTA) annual report of outbound tourism was released recently and for the second year running New Zealand topped the destination list for visitor satisfaction.

Scenery, clean air and nature ratings performed especially strongly to help New Zealand beat out 23 leading international destinations.

The rankings were based on information from a nationwide survey that included 16,000 interviews with Chinese travellers and more than 100,000 online questionnaires.

“Having rankings based on actual visitor experience has real influence especially when it highlights New Zealand’s renowned hospitality,” says David Craig, General Manager Asia.

“Research tells us that Chinese travellers really value unspoilt nature and genuine down to earth hospitality and this is something New Zealand can offer in spades.”

Singapore was rated second in the report followed by Australia Italy, US and France. 

“It is fantastic to be ranked as the top destination for the second year running in a very competitive field.”

“New Zealand delivers a great holiday experience, our job is to keep building on that so we continue to see results like this.”

China is New Zealand’s second largest visitor market and it continues to grow strongly.  With an average of $4,800 per visitor the Chinese are among our top spending visitors. In the last financial year they injected $1.79bn into the New Zealand economy.

“The Chinese market is not just growing fast but the style of travel is evolving rapidly as well.   Today independent travel accounts for about 30% of the market – and its share keeps rising.

“As well as taking in the iconic hot spots of both North and South Islands, the independent traveller is also characterised by an eagerness to explore less well-known regions.  Staying for longer, and seeking out different and authentic experiences, Chinese visitors have and will continue to have an increasingly important impact on the New Zealand economy.”