Chinese enticed to take a romantic trip to New Zealand

Capturing the Chinese overseas wedding market is the focus of Tourism New Zealand's latest campaign work with brand ambassador Yao Chen.

Opinion leader and Chinese superstar Yao Chen is fronting the new campaign which launched in December 2012 and promotes New Zealand as a luxury destination for a romantic holiday, wedding or honeymoon.

Yao Chen is one of China's most high-profile celebrities boasting a Weibo (China's equivalent of twitter) following of over 33 million followers. Having recently chosen to wed in Queenstown, she is well placed to promote the romance of a New Zealand holiday.

Her posting of holiday and wedding photos via social media channels resulted in around 7,000 print and on-line media articles across China, highlighting New Zealand as a wedding destination. Discussion on Weibo topped forty million items.
"We are already starting to see a surge in interest in New Zealand as a romantic destination, with travel agents reporting an increase in enquiries.

"Through aligning with Yao Chen, we are able to support this growth, positioning New Zealand as an aspirational destination for young Chinese," says Tony Everitt, General Manager Asia Markets.

special landing page on the Chinese version of has been created and all digital and print media campaign promotion will drive people to this page.

Here visitors will be able to access a promotional Air New Zealand airfare as well as a selection of wedding related New Zealand product information for those interested in a New Zealand wedding and honeymoon.

"During her time in New Zealand last year Yao Chen posted photos of her wedding and visitor activities in and around Queenstown on her Weibo account, sparking enormous interest and comment on New Zealand as a holiday and potential wedding destination," says Tony.

The wedding themed campaign started in December and will finish later this month.

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