Eighteen months of event listings at your fingertips

Earlier this month Tourism New Zealand made the first of what will be a series of changes to its trade events calendar. Our aim is to help you make effective decisions for your business by providing you with more event listings and more detail, as early as possible.

We understand that greater visibility of events - whether they are confirmed or still tentative - is critical for forward planning. In recent times we have received some clear feedback from industry that our trade events calendar did not list activity far enough out nor did it provide enough information. Hence this first change.

Now when you visit the events section of the website, tourismnewzealand.com, you will find a pdf document  detailing the next 18 months of known activity. Activity is broken down into six-month sections where activity in the next six months is considered 'fixed', 6-12 months is 'planned' and 12-18 months is 'indicative'. This way, industry can get a better indication of what's coming up and can plan around it.

Tourism New Zealand is still limited in what it can commit to and how early, but we aim to provide you with as much information as we can. The calendar includes trade, consumer and business events as well as Tourism New Zealand' s own domestic events like strategic updates to industry.

It is however important to note that all activity in the calendar is subject to change, so industry should keep a close eye on the calendar. These changes are mostly out of our control - the venue may change, or the organisers may cancel the event at late notice due to a lack of interest. Our aim is to work hard to ensure we get you that information as soon as we get it. The document will be reviewed on a monthly basis and updated when new information comes to hand.

More development is currently underway and should be ready in time for TRENZ. While the pdf calendar is loaded as a single document, we will continue to pull out the events that Tourism New Zealand is hosting or has booked space for and create separate listings for them. You will soon be able to filter these separate listings by market, event type, date or the status of the event -confirmed, to be confirmed or registrations open. This way it will be easier for industry to identify those events that are most relevant and make the registration process as easy as possible.

The last change will be an online registration form which allows you to apply online to attend an event. Those events which have registrations open will be clearly labeled with a 'register now' button and once submitted a notification will be sent to us to inform us of your application.

We are working hard to get all of this development completed in advance of TRENZ and we welcome your feedback on the changes.

For Inside Tourism, issue 877 19 April 2012

Bjoern Spreitzer

Business Development Manager