First Jetstar joint venture campaign promotes destination New Zealand

Tourism New Zealand and Jetstar have completed the first joint venture campaign in Australia following the signing of  a three year marketing deal in November 2011.

The New Zealand wide campaign, which ran from 13th - 22nd December 2012, promoted Auckland as a holiday destination and also advertised key South Island destinations, Queenstown and Christchurch. The campaign was supported across print, radio, TV and online activity and achieved 57,000 visits to Jetstar's website landing page - a strong result given the short length of the campaign.

General Manager Australia, Tim Burgess, says, "Partnering with Jetstar on this New Zealand wide campaign supported the other two campaigns running in Australia at the same time - South Island Road Trips and Auckland Summer campaign.

"In line with our agreement the activity focused on encouraging Australian-based visitors to make the best use of Jetstar's low fares while leveraging the existing 100% Pure You campaign activity and New Zealand's reputation as a unique destination with an increase of New Zealand destination content.

"This is a really positive start to the future of collaborative campaigns between Tourism New Zealand and Jetstar in Australia,' he says.

For more information on current marketing activity in Australia see the Market and Stats.