First trade famil to visit Kaikoura since earthquake

The first trade famil to visit Kaikoura since the earthquake arrives this week.

The representatives from North China are senior product managers who decide what their agencies feature on brochures, itineraries and websites.

Tourism New Zealand’s General Manager Asia David Craig said it’s important to show the travel trade that South Island itineraries can still feature Kaikoura.

“Tourism New Zealand has bent over backwards to get the message out that Kaikoura is open for business.

"It’s great to bring back North China travel trade to Kaikoura. It’s important that potential visitors around the world are given the message that the town is a viable and enjoyable part of any South Island itinerary.”

Around 91 per cent of tourism activity providers and more than 83 per cent of accommodation providers in Kaikoura are back operating.