Five more from here: youth campaign goes to all new extremes

Today we launched an exciting new promotional video, 5X1NZ, featuring extreme athlete Chuck Berry completing five adrenalin-fuelled activities in one continuous go- all in one hour.

The thrilling video is a key part of our new 'Five more from here' campaign to spark conversation amongst youth travellers around the world and get them excited about New Zealand.

Only in a country like ours, where there are so many things to do in such close proximity, could you experience all five extreme sports in one day. The 5X1NZ video shows that in an engaging and exhilarating way and get people talking.

Our research tells us that youth travellers are searching for adventure, freedom and excitement - and we're confident that our 'Five more from here' campaign will show them that New Zealand can offer just that.

The tagline comes from the idea that in New Zealand you can have five amazing experiences in one day, and there's still heaps more to do from here.

The 5X1NZ is an impressive feat for a professional but we wanted to ensure that travellers keen to experience their own adrenaline-fuelled 5X1NZ can too.

Through our partnership with global travel seller STA, visitors will be able to complete five of the world's most exhilarating adrenalin activities - skydive, snowboard, mountain bike, bungy and jetboat - all within a single day.

This is an exciting new phase for our youth activity and I look forward to keeping you up to date with our progress in this space.

With this in mind, on 15 October we will be holding a webinar session on our activity in the youth sector. This is a great opportunity to hear more about the campaign and how it will be executed across trade, PR and marketing as well as our strategy to drive value from this sector.

This one hour session will be led by Tourism New Zealand's Marketing Manager Special Interests, Chris Atkinson and Marketing Manager Youth, Kellie Larson. You can registerhere.

The 'Five more from here' campaign rolls out this month across the key youth markets of Australia, the US, UK, Germany, Brazil and Japan.

The youth sector account for 22 per cent of total arrivals and is a priority sector for Tourism New Zealand to help drive higher value visitors to New Zealand.

Aged 18-29, youth travellers have  the potential to stay longer than other visitors, travel more widely and get involved in a wider range of activities, meaning they are likely to spend more while they are here.