Full steam ahead in emerging markets

Over the last month we have reached some significant milestones in our work to establish a strong presence in the three new priority 'emerging markets' of India, Indonesia and Latin America. Research has been completed, strategies put in place, new office locations determined and recruitment undertaken.

The organisation is rapidly gearing up to target these markets - identified for additional investment due to the great potential they show as a source of visitor arrivals. The foundations are beginning to be in place for us to focus our attention on building demand and capturing future growth opportunities to secure a strong, long-term position for the New Zealand tourism industry.

We have structured our teams in these countries to service the markets effectively. We have expanded our India based team and confirmed a team in Indonesia, appointing a Country Manager, Marketing Communications Manager and PR Manager in both markets. The new appointments mean we will be well placed to maximise the opportunities available from these growing markets.

In September we completed in-depth research for Latin America, undertaking a detailed analysis of Brazil's potential for delivering travellers to New Zealand, and what would motivate them to travel here. We have since announced we will open a new office in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to serve as a base for the new Latin American marketing activity. Three new team members for this office will be announced in due course.

Brazil's potential travellers are called 'emerging considerers'. They are people who, like 'active considerers' already have are aware of New Zealand and find the idea of it as a holiday destination appealing. However, they are further from choosing New Zealand than the active considerer, who already has New Zealand on their short list. Understanding 'emerging considerers' means understanding their profile: needs, wants and perceptions of holiday destinations in New Zealand, and how they gather information for making travel decisions. A summary of Brazil research can be found on our corporate website.

Research on India and Indonesia will be added to our corporate site for you to access in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on the Country and Market research pages.

To support our expansion into these markets, four new versions of the consumer website newzealand.com have been launched, with translations provided in Spanish, Portuguese and Bahasa Indonesia. With newzealand.com playing a central role in our marketing strategy the new sites are a vital channel as we increase our presence and engagement with potential travellers in these markets. Be sure to check them out.

While achieving the above is no mean feat, there is much more yet to be undertaken. Be sure to visit our corporate site regularly for updates.

Justin Watson

Director of Trade, PR and Major Events