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Getting ready for CNZYOT 2019

This week marks three months until the China New Zealand Year of Tourism 2019 opening ceremony.

The ‘Year of Tourism’ concept is one adopted across the world. For New Zealand, our 2019 Year of Tourism with China is a particularly important one.

China is a key market with huge potential to enrich New Zealand, but only if we are product and business ready to welcome these visitors.

The lead up to the China New Zealand Year of Tourism 2019 is an opportunity for New Zealand's tourism sector and beyond to think about what you can do to get your business China-ready: From the moment visitors learn about your brand, options to pay, and the interactions they have with you on the ground.

There is a wide range of information available on China market trends and insights to help guide business and investment decisions:

For more information about the China New Zealand Year of Tourism 2019, visit www.cnzyot.govt.nz.