Goal to get 100% of Kiwis supporting tourism

New Zealand’s ability to deliver a world-class visitor experience has seen the value of international tourism surpass $16 billion per year and become New Zealand’s top export earner. Research is conducted twice a year to provide insight into New Zealanders’ sentiment about international tourism.

“We are reliant on Kiwis backing tourism, having 93 percent onboard is fantastic, but I want to see that hit 100 percent,” says Stephen England-Hall, Tourism Chief Executive.

Tourism New Zealand is working closely with government and industry to ensure that the sector gives back more than it takes.

“Government and industry teamwork has seen some great results this year like improvements to the camping system and increased education around visitor behaviour,” says Mr England-Hall.

“Continued success relies on the sector and beyond working together to address the bigger, longer-term challenges like infrastructure. This is underway and I'm confident we can do this.”

The Mood of the Nation research is used to help inform industry and government activity to support a positive tourism experience for visitors and host communities. 

Top line results, March 2019: Perceptions of New Zealanders

      • 93% agree or strongly agree international tourism is good for the country
      • 91% are proud that New Zealand is an attractive tourist destination
      • 86% take pride in welcoming international visitors
      • 12% are aware of tourism’s value as New Zealand’s number one export industry
      • 46% agree New Zealand attracts the right number of international visitors
      • 26% think the number of tourists is too high
      • 43% percent believe tourism puts too much pressure on New Zealand
      • 33% agree that the government and industry are taking actions to address the pressures of tourism