Good choice of Indian tourism ambassador driving strong interest in New Zealand

The choice of Bollywood star, Sidharth Malhotra as our tourism ambassador to India is proving a huge success, driving strong interest among Indians considering a New Zealand holiday.

Recent research in India shows Sidharth’s visit to New Zealand in October has significantly boosted interest in a New Zealand holiday. The highlights include: 

  • When compared to previous potential ambassadors tested, Sidharth Malhotra engages well with India ACs due to his broad reach, likeability and being perceived as a great fit for the New Zealand brand.
  • A significant proportion of our target audience are aware of Sidharth Malhotra’s visit to New Zealand and as a result are strongly motivated towards New Zealand as a holiday destination.
  • Awareness of Sidarth Malhotra’s visit also has a strong positive impact on our target audience’s likelihood to visit New Zealand.  89 per cent of those aware of the visit are now more likely to visit New Zealand on holiday.

During his eight-day visit here, 2.8 million people engaged with Sidharth via social media, including 57,000 people engaging with each of his Facebook posts.

Tourism New Zealand’s General Manager of PR and Major Events, Rebecca Ingram says: “We saw a surge in interest from Indian travellers for New Zealand as a result of New Zealand co-hosting the 2015 Cricket World Cup this year. The appointment of a tourism ambassador to India is about maintaining and building on that momentum.

“India is an important emerging market for New Zealand where the right ambassador has the power to grow profile and awareness for destination New Zealand. The research conducted following his visit shows that Sidharth Malhotra did just that. It’s excellent to see that our choice was so widely endorsed amongst our target audience”.

Rebecca discussed the value of Tourism New Zealand using influencers such as Sidharth Malhotra and Chinese reality star Huang Lei in a webinar on 16 December. You can download a copy here.