Industry says My Tourism New Zealand tool incredibly beneficial

Feedback from industry using our new online site called My Tourism New Zealand has been hugely positive since it went live earlier this month with over 200 people using the service.

My Tourism New Zealand is an online site that provides RTOs and operators access to results that have been generated by working with Tourism New Zealand.

The first stage of My Tourism New Zealand is My Media Coverage – here you will find stories about your business or region that have appeared in international media as a result of participation in our International Media Programme, or because a region or business has featured as part of our media content programme.

Ash Palmer from Destination Rotorua says “My Tourism New Zealand is a great initiative. It’s really convenient for us and our operators to have media results stored in a single place.

“The ability to export information about the results is a key feature that will prove incredibly beneficial. It will allow faster, more detailed and more accurate reporting.

“Arming our operators with the reach and equivalent advertising value of these media results will also help to illustrate the true benefit of Tourism New Zealand’s media programmes.”

Rebecca Ingram, General Manager PR and Major Events adds “we are pleased at the number of industry using My Media Coverage and letting us know that it’s a great tool that makes their life easier.”

“There are still a few operators and RTOs who haven’t completed signing up for the service so we encourage them to check their emails and set up an account so they can start benefiting from it.”

New media coverage results are added monthly, with the latest results going live last week.

If you have any questions about the My Media Coverage please email

The service currently contains stories that have appeared in international media outlets on the back of industry working with Tourism New Zealand. In the longer term we will be looking at expanding the service to provide information about the outcomes of trade and marketing activity we work with industry on.