Inspiring online

Kia ora,

Only last week Tourism New Zealand pushed the 'go' button on our new look website - a place we've built to inspire and inform people considering travelling to New Zealand, and ultimately, to persuade them to choose New Zealand for their next trip.

The site is visually stunning and innovative with photography deployments featuring a number of experiences captured in real-time and pieced together frame by frame. The site is now so much more than an online brochure. We've utilised the latest in open content technology to create a dynamic marketplace where New Zealand tourism operators can connect with potential travellers.

The internet has revolutionised the way intending travellers make their travel decisions. Web-based marketing platforms and social networking sites have become a really important way of attracting visitors and connecting them with tourism services, whilst also providing forums for visitors (past, current and future) to discuss the places they have visited and the experience they have had. And with about 80 per cent of international travelers using the web to research or buy travel, it's clearly the most relevant place to deploy content.

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Kevin Bowler

Chief Executive