Introducing “My Tourism New Zealand” – it’s all about you!

The success of Tourism New Zealand’s trade and PR programme is heavily reliant on the work we do with operators across the country, without their support we would not be able to showcase New Zealand to such a high standard. Which is why “My Tourism New Zealand” is something we are building, that’s all about you.

Over the years we have grappled with the issue of effectively and efficiently sharing the outcome of our work with partners, particularly the results of our trade and media famil programmes. We want to build a better system for sharing what comes from partnering with us.

This year we embarked on a new project we’ve called “My Tourism New Zealand” (My TNZ). It will be a log-in section of that will deliver information specific to your business and the outcome of working alongside us.

We are aiming to launch this new section of the site by the end of October this year and are completely focussed on ensuring it is simple to log-in and use.

Because we wanted to get this system up and running as soon as possible, My TNZ will start by delivering international PR results only with “My Media Coverage” the first section to launch. Here you will find stories about your business that have appeared in international media outlets because of your participation in Tourism New Zealand’s international media programme or because you feature as part of our media content programme. We will be loading results from previous months into the system, along with results from some of our most significant media programmes, so that on launch day many of our partners will be able to see some recent media coverage that has been generated for their business.

From there, media and content results will be updated monthly to bring you the latest outcomes of our PR programme.

My TNZ will also be built in such a way that Regional Tourism Organisations can see results from across their region.

In the longer term we would like to expand this service to provide visibility on the outcomes of trade and marketing activity we partner with industry to deliver.

We are really excited to be getting this programme off the ground and will be sharing more in the coming weeks.