Japan hiking focus delivers results

Tourism New Zealand's effort to promote New Zealand hiking in Japan is being boosted by some impressive media results.

The coverage comes as a result of integrated activity, in support of the recent "Walk Back to Pure" campaign, which links one of the largest active hiking populations in the world with New Zealand's famous hiking and trekking trails. 

As part of the marketing mix, and to assist in the promotion of New Zealand's world class hiking options, Tourism New Zealand and Air New Zealand worked together to support an exciting range of media to travel the country.

Well known Japanese outdoor magazine titles, TV shows and hiking personalities have travelled to New Zealand to experience for themselves the best hiking areas and then share these stories with their readers and online followers.

Some of the stories and coverage achieved in Japan include:

  • In February, Japan's popular and influential TV travel show Sekai Fushigi Hakken featured a one-hour show dedicated to NZ, hiking around Coromandel, Rotorua, Mt. Tarawera and various South Island locations in search of relaxing hot springs. Sekai Fushigi Hakken reaches 16 million viewers.
  • In February, Richer magazine a popular magazine in Osaka featured a story on the Auckland region including day hiking ideas and trips. Richer magazine has a circulation of 100,000.
  • Nomadas Japan released a New Zealand first interactive iPad magazine applicationwith a hiking theme. The free download features integrated photos, stories, video and music.
  • In March, a new online media house, Images Japan, photographed hiking New Zealand content with popular Japanese actor Taro Yamamoto featured hiking the Hollyford Track.
  • In March, Brutus lifestyle magazine featured a six-page story on New Zealand's famous one-day walk through the Tongariro Crossing. Brutus magazine has a circulation of 100,000.
  • In March, popular outdoor magazine Randonee featured Yuri Yosumi hiking one of her favourite walks the Hollyford Track. Randonee has a circulation of 70,000. Yuri Yosumi, who lives half the time in Japan and half in NZ, is a self confessed lover of New Zealand's outdoors and is a popular outdoor role model especially among active Japanese women. She is credited with starting the 'Yama Girl' mountain fashion craze in Japan which is especially popular amongst our new Fun Seeking Friends sector.
  • In April, another popular Japanese outdoor brand Phenix produced their summer brochure which includes a six-page feature on New Zealand's world famous hiking options.
  • In May, Soto magazine featured an eight page story on hiking in Te Anau and Nelson. Soto magazine has a circulation of between 30,000 - 50,000.
  • In September, Japan's premiere outdoor magazines plans to feature a lead story on hiking in New Zealand.
  • Later this year, a Japanese television series plans to feature New Zealand's most popular trekking and alpine tour courses.

This PR activity is developed in close conjunction with Tourism New Zealand's campaign activity and trade activity promoting hiking in New Zealand.

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