Koreans falling in love with Pure New Zealand charm

New Zealand is becoming a favourite destination for travellers from the Republic of Korea and visitor numbers are set to increase with the launch of a new Pure New Zealand online promotion.

In the past year the percentage of travellers coming to New Zealand to holiday from the Republic of Korea jumped by 14%, and overall 83,152  Koreans visited here in the year to May 2017.

Tourism New Zealand has partnered with Korean Air and Auckland International Airport aim to capitalise on this trend with the joint-promotion, “Fall in love with Pure New Zealand charm”.

“New Zealand is now a main destination of choice for travellers, particularly with families and those aged over 55 years, most who fly directly to Auckland to start their holiday,” says Hee Jeong Kwon, Tourism New Zealand’s Manager, Korea.

“New Zealand has so many attractions that appeal to different audiences. Over the coming month visitors to the Korean Air site and its online social media channels will have a glimpse of what they can enjoy in New Zealand including tailored itineraries for solo travellers, couples, families, and older travellers.

“Korean Air has 9.9 million frequent flyer members, and over half a million social media followers, all of whom will receive direct information about the charms of Pure New Zealand. To date feedback about the promotion on Korean Air’s Facebook site has been overwhelmingly positive with followers tagging their friends to encourage them to look at the site and travel to New Zealand.”

The promotion ties in with Tourism New Zealand’s campaign to encourage travellers to come to New Zealand in the shoulder seasons, spring and autumn, to even the spread of visitation.

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