Latest emerging markets research: Indonesia

Over the last couple of months Tourism New Zealand has undertaken a detailed analysis of key 'Emerging Market's' potential for delivering visitors to New Zealand, including Indonesia.

Emerging markets are typically identified as those markets experiencing rapid economic growth and subsequently exhibit an increasing appetite for International travel. These are markets we expect to play a key role in the future for New Zealand's tourism industry.

The following research examined general consumer trends, and the market's size and behaviours, before delving into the defined target market of "emerging considerers".

"Emerging considerers" are people who, like "active considerers", already have a preference for New Zealand as a holiday destination. However, they are further from choosing New Zealand than the active considerer, who already has New Zealand on their holiday wish list.

You can find a summary of the results or download the whole presentation below.

  • Indonesia represents a sizeable potential market for New Zealand, as there is a large population of approximately 8.3 million Emerging Considerers.
  • Outbound out of region travel from Indonesia is growing at 9.7 per cent a year, while visitation to New Zealand is growing at a similar rate.
  • Emerging Considerers are skewed towards the older age groups although there is still a reasonable youth segment but regardless of age, all travel predominantly as families
  • Landscapes and scenery, as well as being clean and unpolluted, are the standout strengths of New Zealand in the eyes of Indonesian Emerging Considerers.
  • Whilst interest is high in visiting New Zealand's natural attractions, Indonesian Emerging Considerers are also interested in visiting food markets, crafts markets and vineyards.
  • Cultural experiences such as historical settlements and Maori cultural performances are more popular with the 50+ age group.
  • Cycling is a key activity that Emerging Considerers indicate they would travel to New Zealand for although the younger segments is also interested in skiing and snowboarding and the older age segment is also attracted to salt water fishing
  • Ownership of devices amongst Emerging Considerers is relatively high, with smartphone ownership within households almost ubiquitous. EC's are as likely to use mobile devices as their main way of accessing the internet as they are PCs and laptops.
  • Indonesian Emerging Considerers are big users of social media across all age groups, particularly Facebook and Google+ so these channels are important for getting information.
  • Destination websites have a key role in providing information on getting around,
    which is key in improving perceptions of ease of seeing and doing things in New Zealand. Offline Sources play a key role also.
  • Indonesian Emerging Considerers are generally comfortable with online purchase for both airlines and accommodation, although travel agents also have a role.

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