Latin American travel agents eager to learn about NZ

Travel agents in Latin America are becoming increasingly eager to improve their knowledge of New Zealand because it is proving to be such a popular travel destination.

Over 500 Latin American travel agents attended Tourism New Zealand’s Kiwi Link events in Argentina, Brazil and Chile recently.

Tourism New Zealand’s Director of Trade, PR and Major Events René de Monchy says “We are seeing an increasing amount of travel agents keen to learn more about New Zealand as it becomes a popular destination for Latin American travellers.”

The Kiwi Link events provided an opportunity for travel agents to connect with a range of New Zealand tourism operators and to learn about New Zealand’s diverse range of experiences.

“Having operators talk about their product and what else is on offer in their regions makes all the difference, it’s authentic and genuine and really resonates and stays with the travel sellers.

“Knowledgeable travel agents are key to our success. They are the people on the ground with the direct link to potential travellers and can influence whether someone chooses to come to New Zealand for a holiday or go somewhere else,” says René.

Since Tourism New Zealand opened its office in São Paulo in December 2013 the amount of visitor arrivals from the region has grown significantly.

In the year ending August 2017, holiday arrivals from Argentina topped 11,900, an increase of 43.1% on the previous year. During the same time period there were 8,448 holiday arrivals to New Zealand from Brazil, an increase of 25.1% on the previous year.

“The increase in arrivals from this region is due in part to the introduction of a direct flight route from Buenos Aires to Auckland in late 2015.

“We know there are 13.7 million people actively considering visiting New Zealand in Brazil and 2.8 million in Argentina. Being able to hop on a plane and fly directly to New Zealand breaks down one of the barriers that may be preventing them from booking.”

Tourism New Zealand holds Kiwi Link events in all of its target markets. The next one is Kiwi Link South East Asia taking place in Manila this week.