Luxury New Zealand: Perfection from every perspective

How do you get the attention of a high-value visitor who can holiday wherever they desire? You show them the unique and personalised experience New Zealand can offer them. 

“Research tells us that our premium customers are after something unique, something authentic. New Zealand has a real opportunity to show our point of difference and how we can give premium travellers what they are after,” says Lisa Gardiner, Manager Premium and Business Events.

 “Our work to attract high-value visitors to visit New Zealand is undertaken in a highly competitive and well established sector. Based on our learnings from the last three years of activity, we found we needed to provide a clearer value proposition to achieve cut-through,” says Lisa Gardiner, Manager Premium and Business Events.

“To that end we are using the theme “perfection from every perspective” across all our work.

The new branding focuses on the ‘jewels’, the areas where we know that New Zealand's luxury offering can really differentiate us from the rest of the world.

The new branding has been applied across a suite of media assets, which will be used across brand marketing and trade joint venture activity throughout the year.

 “We have also updated our imagery to tell a story of luxury without pretence and personalised experiences. This really gets to the heart of what we hear the premium market is after.”

 “New Zealand is unique in having a diversity of landscapes, environments and immersive experiences that are easily accessible. Our new luxury brand positioning illustrates the range of places and experiences visitors can discover.” 

Capturing greater value from the lucrative premium sector is an important component of Tourism New Zealand’s strategy to grow the number of high-value visitors to New Zealand. To see the new imagery in action visit