Manaakitanga on show in Brazilian campaign

“It’s closer than you imagine; it’s a safe country; where nature is untouched.”

The story of New Zealand, as told by four Brazilians influencers, is the focus of a new multimedia campaign targeting South American travellers.

Four Brazilian influencers, celebrity chef Bela Gil, fashion designer Helô Rocha (Creative Director of Atelier Les Lis), renowned photographer Bob Wolfenson, and X-Games professional skateboarder Rony Gomes feature in the campaign, produced by Tourism New Zealand and Brazilian tour operator Terramundi.  

Bela Gil, Bob Wolfenson, Rony Gomes, and Helô Rocha explore New Zealand

Followed by a film crew, each influencer explored a different aspect of New Zealand including outdoor experiences, arts scene, culture, adventure activities, and food and wine. The ease and safety of travelling throughout New Zealand, and maanakitanga (hospitality) shown by locals stood out in the Brazilian quartet’s stories.

“[New Zealand is] a place where people are very welcoming and want to talk and understand where you come from. I’m very happy to be here,” says Bela Gil in one of the clips.

International arrivals from South America have increased substantially over the past three years since Air New Zealand introduced a direct route from Argentina to Auckland. In the year to March 2018, 18,640 international arrivals came from Brazil (of which 10,480 were here on holiday), and stayed between 13-28 days.

“There are 17 million people in Brazil who we know are actively considering visiting New Zealand. This campaign allows us to tell short stories about the qualities of New Zealand through various type of content. The selected influencers are four diverse individuals yet their stories share common elements and resonate with all our target markets. Everyone highlighted the ease of travelling to New Zealand from Brazil, the different activities and range of experiences on offer without travelling far, safety, and our friendly people,” says Bjoern Spreitzer, General Manager Americas and Europe.

Campaign content posted online from the campaign has already received considerable pick-up with a teaser video seen more than 780,000 times in the first 10 days of the campaign (across Facebook and Instagram).

Bela Gil has also written of her New Zealand experience in Brazilian Vogue magazine, celebrating New Zealand’s fresh food culture and natural environment.

“It is beautiful, easy to travel, everything seems close, we feel safe and we were super well received … New Zealand’s ideology regarding healthy food matches mine. They value fresh food that comes from the field to the table,” she wrote.

Tourism New Zealand and Terramundi were supported by Air New Zealand and The Upper Air.

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Highlights of the trip:

Each influencer had different experiences with locals and visited different regions.

Bela Gil met with Angela Clifford, owner of The Farm Food and a member of Eat New Zealand, a national movement that values native land products and sustainable production systems. Bela had an immersive experience exploring New Zealand’s natural landscapes and healthy food options in Canterbury, Queenstown, and Auckland.  “In this country people understand that they are part of nature,” she said.

Helô Rocha’s journey through New Zealand was guided by her two passions: nature and textiles. She visited Rotorua where she learned more about Maori culture, tribal tattooing, pounamu (jade) jewellery, art, and traditional clothing practices, walked through the Redwoods, and bathed in hot pools. She also travelled to Fiordland and Central Otago, where she visited Mt Nicholas merino farm and saw the process for producing merino wool.

Fascinated by cities and urban culture and architecture, photographer Bob Wolfenson travelled to Auckland and Wellington. In each city, he explored the arts sector, cultural life and photographed the “more contemporary faces of both cities”, as well as the Waiheke wineries.

Professional skateboarder Rony Gomes started his New Zealand journey in Wellington where he skated the city’s central ramps and bowls. He then went on to explore the South Island where he trekked, mountain biked, and skated in Mount Cook, Lake Tasman, Lake Pukaki, and Hooker Valley.