Middle-earth resources hub on TNZ trade site

Tourism New Zealand's trade website has launched a new resources section related to The Hobbit trilogy. The section provides travel sellers with all the resources needed to create and sell a trip to 100% Middle-earth.

The trade website is primarily aimed at offshore travel sellers selling New Zealand as a destination.

Resources within the section include:

  • Suggested itineraries
  • A list of commissionable product
  • Guidelines on what can and can't be done for operators that want to create a product based on The Hobbit
  • List of the Lord of the Rings film locations

The content on the Middle-earth resources section will be constantly updated and resouces will be uploaded on an ongoing basis.

If you are an operator offering a commissionable product related to The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings and you adhere to the guidelines provided, then please get in touch with our New Zealand Product Manager, Kim Cormack to discuss how to get listed.

Check out the Middle-earth resources section.