More of James Cameron’s New Zealand

Our new global campaign featuring filmmaker James Cameron is making news around the world, providing yet more inspiration for people to visit New Zealand.  

The story about Hollywood’s highest earner providing a glimpse of the country he loves in a stunning video has attracted worldwide attention.  

Britain’s Telegraph carries the story and includes a list of 26 reasons to visit New Zealand; a story in Australia concludes “Okay Cameron, you’ve got us looking up flights, you win” and a story featuring in the US comments: “His words combined with the incomparable New Zealand landscape are enough to inspire an impulse airplane ticket purchase.”

In addition to the video he shot with his wife Suzy Amis Cameron, James Cameron also fronts six short videos that provide a greater insight into his connection with New Zealand.  These videos feature the director talking about what he finds special about New Zealanders and various aspects of New Zealand life he is passionate about. The six features are: cities and arts, people and culture, hiking and walking, journeys and landscapes, alpine vistas and local wine.

These short videos provide another glimpse of New Zealand through the eyes of the Hollywood director who loves New Zealand and wants to share his passion for the country.  

See some of the international coverage: