My Media Coverage: Take a look!

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been talking about the new section of the website My Tourism New Zealand which is aimed at effectively and efficiently sharing the outcome of our work with partners.

The first part of this to go live will be My Media Coverage and here is a sneak peak of how it will look.  


The home page will look a bit different depending on whether you are an RTO or an operator. RTOs will be able to see results for operators in their region, while operators will only be able to see results that mention their business.

There will be a running total of ‘number of results’ and ‘estimated advertising value’ and each result will include information on where it appeared and the reach.

We expect that this information will be invaluable to operators and RTOs when they are reporting on the outcome of their work with Tourism New Zealand.

As we get closer to the launch of My Tourism New Zealand, there is something we need from those of you we work with as part of our media programme – an email address.

Our staff will set up operators and RTOs in the system but we need to be sure we have the correct email address for you to create an account. This needs to be the best person to have access to this tool in the long-term.

We already have a long list of email addresses and will be emailing everyone in the coming days to check whether the email address we have, is correct.

We would really appreciate a quick response back so we can get to work assigning relevant media results to the operators mentioned.

So – keep an eye out for this email.