My Media Coverage: thousands of international media stories direct to you

A couple of weeks ago, you may have read about our end-of-year PR results: 11,000 stories generated about New Zealand across digital, print and broadcast media.

That’s over 200 stories a week in key visitor markets reaching 890 million people via print and 350 million people through TV. If we had to buy that coverage, it would cost an estimated $307 million.

No matter how you look at it, it is a fantastic result for our global PR team working alongside the industry and RTOs.

Last week we also announced our new project “My Tourism New Zealand” – a project that is all about you.

Over the years we have grappled with the issue of effectively and efficiently sharing all 11,000 of these results with you.

That’s where “My Tourism New Zealand” will come into the picture. It will be a log-in section of that will deliver information specific to your business and the outcome of working alongside us.

On launch day in late October, “My Media Coverage” will be the first section you can access. It will hold recent stories about your business that have appeared in international media outlets because of your participation in Tourism New Zealand’s international media programme or because you feature on stories published as a result of our media content programme. .

We believe that hosting a media famil alongside Tourism New Zealand is probably the most cost effective investments you can make in international marketing. In return for your hospitality, you receive increased international profile with consumers from your target market. By being very strategic about who we target and when we target them we know that the publications we are working with will reach our target audience and can deliver the greatest possible return on investment.

We also believe there is great benefit to operators who contribute content for our media programme as we see this as the big opportunity for on-brand PR coverage at scale. Last year almost $100m of the $300m in EAV achieved was via content results and in any given month the media website gets over 50,000 visits with two thirds coming from international sources.

That’s why we have made this commitment to “My Tourism New Zealand” – we want it to be easier for you to access the outcome of working alongside us be it hosting a famil or providing content.

In the coming weeks we will share a sneak preview of “My Tourism New Zealand” and “My Media Coverage” as well as providing an update on how we are progressing to launch day and how you will be able to access the site.

 This article first appeared in Inside Tourism



Rebecca Ingram

General Manager PR and Major Events