New campaign ad rating higher than 100% Middle-earth

Tourism New Zealand’s newest campaign ad “every day a different journey” is rating higher than the massively successful 100% Middle-earth campaign.

The latest adaption of 100% Pure New Zealand was introduced to markets from July 2015. The new commercial shows a couple moving from one spectacular experience to the next. The campaign brings to life the idea of ‘everything close,’ that New Zealand’s wide range of experiences are by most country’s standards, all within easy reach.

The TVC was evaluated in October in six markets, Australia, China, USA, UK, Germany and Japan. Results show that ‘motivation to visit’ New Zealand as a result of seeing the advertisement beat the benchmark target of 60 per cent in all markets with an average score of 77 per cent, an improvement on previous results achieved for 100% middle-earth campaign which achieved an average score of 64 per cent.

The new commercial rated highest in Japan (88%) and the USA (86%).

The majority of people surveyed agreed that the video looked like it was advertising New Zealand as a holiday destination. When asked what they liked about it, scenery, local culture, music, tranquillity and a welcoming feel were common themes.

There were few dislikes but the age of the talent (too young) and their lack of children were mentioned.

Tourism New Zealand Director of Marketing Andrew Fraser said: “The results from the ‘everyday a different journey’ testing are excellent.

“The 100% Middle-earth campaign gave New Zealand exposure around the world; it was an award winning campaign that pushed visitor numbers up to three million a year. It was a massive challenge to follow that with a refreshed campaign that would engage the audience and continue to motivate people to visit New Zealand.

“These results show that our idea of presenting a visit to New Zealand as a series of interlinking, spectacular experiences within relatively easy reach is an absolute winner. It’s great news.”