New campaign – new reasons to visit

The first 100% Pure New Zealand brand campaign to run in Singapore in a number of years, was launched on May 13 and introduces new special interest travel to the market.

The aim of the campaign is promote a New Zealand holiday while testing the market's response to new activities - golf, skiing and luxury travel - and help guide planning for the coming financial year. 

Regional Manager South and South East Asia Mischa Mannix-Opie says the campaign is focused on building New Zealand brand awareness.

"Instead of us partnering with an airline or operator and providing deals for travel, this is about building awareness of what a New Zealand holiday could look like.

"It does represent a shift from the approach used over the past few years and it communicates some of the lesser known experiences available in New Zealand - winter ski holidays, luxury activities and golf holidays."

The campaign is specifically targeting the self-drive market, which tends to be 25-54 years old in professional roles with an interest in great food and a holiday that will "rejuvenate" them.

"They are generally aware of more traditional New Zealand holiday experiences such as visiting natural attractions, scenic boat cruises, farm visits and farm stays so we want to push the special interest message around golf, skiing and luxury," says Mischa.

The campaign will also serve as a research opportunity for Tourism New Zealand to identify exactly which experiences resonate the most with the target audience and what forms of media do they use to gather information. 

The campaign runs for four weeks across print and online channels. All traffic is directed to's Singapore pages.