New data driving trade decisions

Access to new data has enabled Tourism New Zealand to better measure the coverage and impact of its trade marketing activity in nine key markets.

“The new data allows us to see more detailed information about when and where passengers are booking travel to New Zealand.

“This information is extremely valuable in helping us target our trade activity to the right markets and shaping our activity with travel agents to get the best return on investment,” says René de Monchy, Director of Trade, PR and Major Events at Tourism New Zealand.

The data was sourced from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) which links the sales of airline tickets to specific IATA numbers— essentially tracking the booking process of travellers who book through travel agents.

It contains statistics on some of our key markets, including Australia, China, USA, UK, Germany, Japan, India, Argentina, and Brazil.

“We know that more than half of all air travel to New Zealand is booked through traditional and online travel agents. The new data proves just how significant this booking channel is to us.

“It also shows that travel agencies we engage in activity with have higher market shares of sales to New Zealand than those we don’t, meaning we are working with the right trade partners.

“The IATA data shows that almost half of all Australians use travel agents to book holidays to New Zealand, as do more than 70 per cent of travellers from the other eight markets.”

The data also identifies which travel agencies are selling the most New Zealand holidays in their respective markets, the booking share of New Zealand compared to other competing destinations, and how far in advance of travel customers are purchasing their tickets.

“We’re half way through our road show where we have been discussing this data with industry. Once it concludes in early December the presentation will be made available for all to view on our corporate website.”